------------------------------- Soft drink ----------------------------------------
Coca-Cola - Fanta - Sprite600 F Sport - Actif800 F
Malta800 F Fanta lemon + mandarin + strawberry600 F
Mineral water (500 cl)650 F Mineral water (1 L)1.200 F
Cocktail600 F Malta - Guiness1.000 F
Soda can1.500 - 2.000 F
------------------------------- Biers ----------------------------------------
Flag - Pils900 F Eku1.200 F
Lager1.000 F Castel1.000 F
Guiness1.600 F Beer can1.500 - 2.000 F
------------------------------- Alcohols ----------------------------------------
Campari1.300 F Pastis1.300 F
Porto1.300 F Martini white / Red1.300 F
Malibu1.300 F Napoléon1.300 F
Suze1.300 F Cassis cream1.300 F
Ballantine's1.500 F Rhum white - brown1.500 F
J&B2.000 F Haig1.300 F
Black Label3.000 F Gin1.300 F
Vodka1.300 F
------------------------------- Wines ----------------------------------------
Listel gris8.400 F Côte de Provence9.000 F
Côte du Rhône7.200 F JP Chenet8.400 F
Bordeaux7.800 F
------------------------------- Snacks ----------------------------------------
Omelet sandwich1.500 F Cheese sandwich2.200 F
Ham sandwich2.200 F Chicken sandwich2.200 F
Jam sandwich2.400 F Omelette à l'espagnole2.000 F
Nature omelette1.200 F Jam omelette2.400 F
Mushroom omelette2.500 F Omelette with bacon and mushrooms2.500 F
Tuna egg2.500 F Plain hard-boiled egg1.200 F
Fried egg1.500 F

The prices in foreign currencies   are given as an indication.
And can be adapted according to the daily exchange rates.