------------------------------- Breakfast ----------------------------------------
Full breakfast with coffee or tea orCoffee or tea1.000 F
hot chocolate + orange juice + omelet +Coffee or tea with milk1.500 F
bread + butter + jam3.500 FHot chocolate1.500 F
Simple breakfast with coffee or tea orOrange juice1.200 F
hot chocolate + bread + butter + jam2.200 FBig orange juice2.200 F
Butter and jam toast1.200 FPineapple juice2.000 F
Fruit platter (pineapple - papaya - mango - banana2.500 F3 fruits juice (pineapple - grapefruit - orange)3.000 F
Fruit platter (pineapple - grapefruit - orange)2.500 F

The prices in foreign currencies   are given as an indication.
And can be adapted according to the daily exchange rates.