------------------------------- Starters ----------------------------------------
Green salad1.200 FTomato salad1.800 F
Mixed salad2.000 FMixed salad/td>2.000 F
Greek salad2.500 FNicoise salad2.500 F
Avocado vinaigrette1.500 FShrimp avocado2.500 F
Avocado Tartan3.000 FShrimp cocktail2.400 F
Jam cornet2.400 FHard egg mayonnaise2.000 F
Vegetable soup2.500 FPancakes with ham filled3.000 F
------------------------------- Meat ----------------------------------------
Grilled half chicken3.600 FBraised half chicken4.600 F
Half chicken with garlic butter4.200 FHalf chicken with green pepper4.800 F
Half chicken "Le Geyser"5.000 FChicken breast3.600 F
Sliced chicken with mushrooms4.800 FSliced chicken with green pepper4.800 F
Pork chop "Le Geyser"5.000 FGrilled or Dijon pork chop4.500 F
Breaded pork chop4.800 FSausage with fries or butter rice3.000 F
Tortis "Le Geyser"4.000 FGrilled Lamb Ribs or Garlic Butter4.500 F
Lamb chop provencal4.800 FPlain beef fillet skewer3.500 F
Garlic steak3.600 FChopped steak3.600 F
Plain beef fillet3.500 FArdennes tournedos4.200 F
Cut of beef "Le Geyser"4.500 FBeef tenderloin kebab with vegetables4.000 F
Garlic kidneys3.600 FKidneys with mustard3.600 F
Kidneys with cream3.600 FProvençal kidneys4.500 F
------------------------------- Fishes ----------------------------------------
Grilled sea bream4.800 FBraised or Normandy sea bream fillet5.000 F
Grouper with worm peppert5.200 FGrouper fillet with cream mushrooms5.500 F
------------------------------ Sea food ---------------------------------------
Garlic Shrimp4.500 FProvencal shrimp4.800 F
Shrimps with mushrooms4.800 F
------------------------------- Pasta ----------------------------------------
Bolognese spaghetti 3.600 FNeapolitan spaghetti3.600 F
Spaghetti carbonara4.500 FMacaroni au gratin4.600 F
Tagliatelle with shrimp5.000 F
------------------------------- Other ----------------------------------------
Mashed apple dish3.000 FRice with tomato sauce2.500 F
Accompaniment without dish1.800 FPizza5.000 - 7.000 F
------------------------------- Desserts ----------------------------------------
Pancakes with sugar or plain1.200 FJam or choco pancakes1.800 F
Flambéed pancakes2.000 FFlaming banana2.000 F
Plain banana1.200 FFruit salad1.500 F
Pineapple in dugout1.500 FLime papaya1.500 F
Mango in Butterfly1.500 FVanilla or chocolate ice cream1.500 F

The prices in foreign currencies   are given as an indication.
And can be adapted according to the daily exchange rates.